Updated guidance on onward referral

  The Society has published revised guidance on onward referrals following a consultation at the end of 2017. The new guidance - which has been endorsed by the British Society of Otology and the British Society of Audiology - is availab...

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BSHAA Guidance on Record Keeping

The Customer Care Scheme provides practical follow-up advice to audiologists and companies if it feels this may help to provide a better outcome to resolve future complaints. Experience gained over the years the Scheme has been running has...

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BSHAA Guidance on Excellence in Customer Care

A new booklet setting out BSHAA's view on standards of customer service has been published by the Society as part of its belief that it should encourage members to offer services that are "efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and...

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Specimen Terms and Conditions

Model Terms and Conditions of Business are offered by the Society to save members' time but they are optional, here to use if you wish to.  The Customer Services Committee has been working with Essex Trading Standards to review th...

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Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Customer Care Scheme is seeing a big increase in the number of clients coming back after a long period claiming that their aids are not fit for purpose having just had NHS aids fitted. This new legislation will, we are sure, add to this type...

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